Wednesday, November 01, 2006

FO and update

Woot! After a few months of next to no knitting to speak of I finally completed a pair of socks and they are my own pattern to boot. After working the many kinks, picking the right heel I got those babies off the needles last night after the boys went to bed and here they are in all their glory....worked on STR citrine.

Here's a pic of my little guys last night after making their rounds around our neighbourhood in the cold, got to -5 (with snow)last night while we made our trek, talk about hardcore. Poor daddy and Justice was almost in tears after the first block and there was Collin "More Candy, More Candy!!" as he ran from house to house, lol. That's my boy

More news on the knitting front, I registered for the Rockin Sock Club 2007 since I missed out last year I wanted to be on the ball this time. I've even got it written off as a Christmas gift from hubby, lol.

I also made another purchase from Dani over at Knitting Sunshine, check out her new colorways, wow! I picked up some Christmas Morning(looks awesome and can't wait to get that on the needles)a couple NSS's for my Sockret Pal and a pair for hubby. Will post pics as soon as the package arrives.

Now to type a good copy of my pattern and cast on for another pair of socks. Happy knitting everyone.


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