Monday, July 10, 2006

SP8 Mail(Woot) and other news

Lookie what I received this afternoon from my SP8 pal.
What a Sweeeeeeeeeet Haul!!!
Here's the yummy details: First we have 2 great cards, one has 6 gorgeous stitchmarkers attached, handmade by my pal on it with the description of the different beads she used(2 are made with real garnets), the second card is a tour of what she enclosed in the package.
The other giftees are: 1)Regia Jacquard sock yarn which I'll be using this week to give the two socks on 2 circs or maybe the magic loop a whirl,Patons Coral in a two tone blue and it is so soft and the colors perfect, can't wait to get that on the needles, not sure what yet,Wendy Melody for a nice summery scarf
2)handles for a new bag, which just so happens I am working on a bag design and they will work beautifully(and bags are the new scarves, I feel so behind because I have never knit myself one)
3)Chocolate, some Magic Stars for the boys(they love them) and some Galaxy Bars for myself(Yummy chocolate)
4)Bathtime indulgence, Blueberry muffin bath bomb and a bar of lavendar and cedarwood soap and I'm telling you I didn't even have to open the package to get the yummy smells. Even my postlady commented it was a great smelling package.
5)Last but not least to end of the Fibery/giftee goodness is a bag full of Alpaca, "straight from Sweep", does my pal have Alpacas????

Thank you so much SP, the package is wonderful and the boys were especially pleased that they have a "Secret Pal" too, thank you for including them. You really made our day!!!!

Weekend and other news, I finally broke down and gave into my urge to shop on Friday, told Rob if I didn't buy something soon I'd freak. The boys and Rob sat patiently in the van for 15 minutes while I got my fix and talking to the owner of the LYS while shopping, she let me know she will be carrying more wools instead of acrylic. *Jumping for joy* I almost fell over when I heard that news, but after me not shopping for a while and other requests for more of a natural fibers from other gals she's going for it. Thank you yarn gods!!!!

Here's my purchase for the weekend:some mags, check out Knitters Summer edition it has Chrissy's(my SP7 pal) sweater pattern in it on page 84 "French Lilac", bamboo dpns, Regia white sock yarn, Filatura Di Crosa Zarina in a lilac and some Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in a pale green all for upcoming designs(mine, wooot). I've never knit with hemp so cross my fingers and hope for the best.

On the knitting front, my first sock design is 90% finished and I also whipped up an easy lace scarf pattern and yes it is easy and quick to boot. I've also got 5 other patterns worked out, just have to get into gear and get them knit up. I am really going to have to learn to make sweaters/tanks, I have so many ideas rolling around but don't know where to begin.

As for home news, just working hard on my patterns and trying to keep up with the housework(man do the little guys go through alot of towels on hot days, to much sprinkler time)it has been to hot here to do housework, today it actually cooled off.

On the KSKS swap, I've got my bag almost complete, just have to finish the sewing and make some stitch markers. I so hope she loves it, I picked up some Dragonfly sock yarn from Dani over at Sunshine yarns and have a great pattern to go with it.

Back to knitting and getting supper ready. Happy knitting!!!! And thanks again SP8, your gifts are the best!!!!


Blogger Shelby said...

Wow!! That is an awesome haul!! Both from your sp and from the lys! I LOVE the whisper melody- the colors are SO beautiful!

11:09 a.m.  
Blogger Kate said...

Isn't it fun to get yarn goodies in the mail?! I'm having fun with this whole secret pal thing too. I love shopping for them.

5:46 a.m.  
Blogger SDMC said...

Wowzer! You've got a great SP!

6:24 p.m.  

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