Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Off the couch

My butt is finally off the couch and working out. I started my morning walks this past Monday and to show you how serious I am about the weight loss I even went at 6am on both Monday and Tuesday. The dogs nor Robert were impressed with having to get their butts out of bed that early. For me, I get up anywhere in between 5am and 7am depending on what time the little guys get up so not a problem.

Today I didn't go for the walk but I did work out. My feet, especially the heels were sore this morning and since I had foot problems a few years back I didn't want to chance another injury. I've also cut out the coke(4 days), that's a huge step, I'm a 2 a day coke kinda gal and not diet either. Can't weight to see the pounds drop :-).

Here's the pics of my new room. The dark purple is juneberry and the light(almost white) is drowsy lavender both colors I used in my bedroom, walls are the juneberry and the drowsy lavender for the ceiling. It sure did make a difference in this room and it gives of great vibes. The Batman, Patrick Bateman from American Psycho and Angel dolls, I mean figures on the wall are mine. Faith from Buffy is Rob's.

Now onto knitting content. I just realized it is May 31 and the Knitting World Cup starts June 9th. I was in a panic earlier because I thought it started tomorrow and I hadn't even gotten my act together and got everything organized. I'll be knitting 2 pair of socks, one for my SP8 pal and the other is an undercover project I'm working on. Who knows, maybe I'll even fit in a couple of UFO's if I push myself. I have been such a slacker, lucky I haven't bought any yarn for myself since the beginning of March. Hmmm that could be why I'm slacking on the knitting, don't want to dip into the stash, Must save the stash!!! I think I hear a shopping trip calling my name. Lucky me, my Aunt Margaret is throwing my a life preserver and has sent a huge(don't know how huge yet)box of sock yarn. She says I'm going to love it, cross your fingers and hope for no fluorescent stuff.

Well back to my knitting.


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