Sunday, April 09, 2006

Here's my cupboard..

It is filled with all sorts of fun liquors, we have some Blue Wave vodka(very good in coke), 40 of Kalhua, Colita, Malibu Mango(also really good in coke),something in a red bag, brandy, Champagne, Cherry Kirsh,Mint syrup for mixing, 2-red wines(one homemade from Rob's parents), 2-really good ryes, Crown Royal Special Reserve and Canadian Club Reserve(you can tell they are good they are the only things in the cupboard with less than 1/4 left in the bottle, lol)2 of the kids' piggy banks, hubby's Halo cup,snowman glass candy jar, wine decanters, large beer mugs and some large drinking glasses, 2 champagne flutes and last but not least a sperm shooter.

Yes, you are not seeing things, we have a sperm shooter otherwise known as a Popsi!! Those little guys sold very well in the liqour store and not just to the women. Ahh I have alot of funny stories about some of the people that purchased them, well save that for another time. Here's a pic of the happy little guy in the spotlight.

Here's what is in the red bag, Thor's Hammer Vodka. One of the best vodka's on the market and is a close second to Grey Goose.

A big thanks to Kate for hosting this contest, I don't think I'd be in the running since some(maybe alot) of people wouldn't consider this useless crap. Hey what can I say, I like to entertain, heehee.. But if you need any party supplies Kate, give me a call!


Blogger Chris said...

That sperm shooter is HYSTERICAL. Your cupboard is definitely the most fun!

6:24 a.m.  

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