Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Catch up Post and an FO

Catch up time, Friday afternoon I picked up my glasses and it feels great to finally see again.

Saturday I went to my last spinning class and had a great time. Made 3 small skeins(2 pictured) and I mean small skeins and was very happy with the results. I remembered to take my camera and snapped of some shots of the wheels and my teacher, Ruth Blazenko as well as a few classmates. I am so excited and cannot wait till my wheel comes in. The lady I'm buying it from called and let me know the unfinished is on back order till May so I'm getting the lacquered Ashford Traveller which means one less thing for me to do ;-).

No real knitting done the weekend unless you count the Collinette scarf, that did not want to be patterned in anyway, took a jumped into the frog pond and tried again as a rib and its looking good. I think I will add some fringe when I'm done. Pics to follow on that project. I also finished hubby's cabled scarf on Monday evening(pic to follow), finally, that was just lack of interest on my part. I learned the cable technique and lost interest very quickly. I still have my Irish Hiking Scarf I have to finish some time this year. I thought I better get at least one FO done before I cast on for a pair of socks for my oldest son, Jordan. His Birthday is coming up in 3 weeks and he really wanted a pair of socks. He even picked out the yarn, I'll be using Artyarns Ultramerino4 in color #129 a blue and gold/orange colorway. He has expensive tastes too, just like mom. I still have to finish my Supermerino sockies and cast on for another pair using a pattern out of one of the books my SP7 sent. I'm thinking the Conway using the Wildfoote.

Here's a pic of one of the many grain silos I passed to and from my spinning class which is 2 hours from home. I think this one was in Stavely, Alberta. I lost track of how many grain silos I passed on my little trip.


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what made you pick the Ashford traveller (I've been trying to decide what kind of wheel to get so I like to ask this question)


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