Friday, February 24, 2006

Who's the crazy sock yarn lady

I am!!!!hahahah.

Yes, I have to admit I collect sock yarn, just like hubby used to collect comics. Am I crazy, well no, it will eventually get used and the lower end stuff ie: my patons Kroy will be finding a new home in the next couple of weeks, well some of it will. I have no plans to get rid of any of the good stuff except a skein of Opal for the contest I'm having.

Don't forget to enter the contest, guess how many pairs of socks I can make with the sock yarn I have, not including the skein I bought today. Yes, whip me with a skein of STR, I'll take it like a good girl. I fell of the wagon today and broke down and bought a skein of Regia Brasil. I seen a pair knitted up at the LYS and there was only one lonely ball left so I had to take it home. I also picked up 3 skeins of Sirdar Country Style for a practice shawl in a deep red, also adding to my collection of beautiful wools/blends are 2 skeins of Noro Transitions in a really hard to describe colorway but gorgeous. I also bought 2 skeins of Noro Cash Iroha #93 Deep Green and it's so soft. I also grabbed the new Interweave and some shawl patterns while I was there, big sale 10% off all yarn in the store(means no GST for me) and 15% off the new stuff, which I didn't much care for, lots of fuzzy yarns and acrylic, some cotton, nice stuff but wouldn't know what to make with it.

Today was a pretty busy day, got rid of Justice's bed, now the little guys room seems so huge. Maybe I can finally get some toys out of my livingroom. I also picked out 2 frames, I'm in desperate need of new glasses and I just haven't made the effort to get new ones for the past couple years and with the headaches I've been having I better get to it. I'll make an appointment tomorrow or Monday to see the Optometrist and get my Burberry's. You know I didn't even have a clue what Burberry's were, it has been 6 years since I've been in the optical business I'm totally lost on what's hot and what's not. They are buy one get the second free up to 139.00 so not to bad, way cheaper than the quote I got last year from a different optical lab by 400 bucks! You know how much yarn that could buy, well of course you do, I'm sure many if not all have quite the stash going, sock yarn or other.

Well onto knitting, not much happening in that department. I did finish my SP gift, felted it and just have to add handles, tomorrow's project. I expected to have to put the bag thru a couple of washes but first one did it, it went from 17 inches high to 9 inches high and it wasn't a full wash cycle. Mental note for next time really watch the felting process. My sock is almost finished, I'll try to get it done tomorrow and work on hubby's socks as well as cast on for another pair using my STR.

With SP7 coming up to closing, one month left, I'm finishing off the last of my shopping for my pal. Have to pick a couple things up tomorrow and some wrap and get it ready to ship the end of next week. Shipping from Canada to destination unknown will take about 2 weeks, that means sitting at customs for a week before arriving at its destination. I want to make sure she has it the last week of March for the big reveal. Also sign ups for hostessing SP8 are being accepted right now, I will be on board hostessing next round as well. The ladies I've got in my group have been really great, no major incidents, thank you so much and don't forget about the best SP contest, check the SP7 blog for details.

I called Shuttleworks today to check and see if the spinning class was still going as scheduled next week and yes it is, only 2 of us so far but a nice one on one class. All I can say is Sweeeeeeeeet!

Here's a pic of my Knitting Olympics Branching Out Scarf before I sent it to Rob's mom for her birthday.

Well better warm the van up and go pick up my son at work. We got snow yesterday and it's horrible, not terribly cold but since I didn't get snow at Christmas when I really wanted it I don't want it now. Here's a pic of yesterday afternoon, only a couple hours after it started to snow and before I shovelled.


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