Wednesday, January 25, 2006

We have a FO in the House!

Introducing the Dublin Bay Socks....(insert applause here) My first finished pair of socks of 2006!!!

They are finally finished and sooo comfy. This is the first time using Lorna's Laces and what a dream to knit with, no splitting and very soft.

So, it has been a while since my last blog, I'm finally feeling a ton better, just some minor coughing and congestion but this flu is clearing up nicely. Even my little guys are almost 100%.

My little girl,Xena came back yesterday from Portland, Oregon and brought back some ribbons she won. Here she is(the red girl) with sister Barky, and yes she is Barky. We(me) has missed her something terrible, I kinda think that was one of the reasons why I relapsed, just to much stress.

Xena won 2nd place twice(Thursday and Saturdays shows) and came in first on the final day of the show(Sunday)and also received 3 points towards her American Championship. That is what the pink ribbon is for. Hubby and I decided we are not going to pursue any championship or breed are little girl, with all the crap that goes along with it it just isn't worth it. If I want another dog down the road I'll probably get a little furball, maybe a Pekingese(yes hubby, a Pekingese).

On the knitting front, I've made little progress with hubby's socks and haven't started any new sock projects as of yet. Still debating on what my next pair will be. I'm thinking about the cascading leaves using the green knitpicks wool from Shara or just a basic sock using one of my self patterning yarns and giving the magic loop method a whirl. Probably the magic loop.

Speaking of yarn, I made a few more purchases on Friday when I went to Knit and Knatter at the LYS, than at the other LYS and Michaels craft store to finish the day.
Here's what I bought. I picked up a 100g ball of Regia Brasil color, love the colorway, a more pairs of bamboo dpns, a knitting tote and a #1 Addi 32 inch circular to go with the 24 inch I bought the week before. I also picked up a bunch of stuff for my SP, just waiting for a little something that should be here any day and I'll have this package ready to ship for Monday.

I also received another e-card from my pal today, Thank you so much SP, *waving*. She let me know there is a little something, something coming from Amazon. I wonder what it could be. This is so much fun, better than Christmas because I have no turkey to prepare and dishes to wash!

I'm off to bed, have a great day tomorrow everyone.


Blogger SDMC said...

Glad to see you're back. Hope everyone is well. I love the socks! I finally got to pick up my checkers socks so I can get them finished -- I want to knit the camo up.

11:00 a.m.  
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