Monday, January 16, 2006

Quick Update

Well everyone is still sick in our household. Hubby and I have relapsed with this darn flu and we thought the little guys shrugged it off weeks ago only to be taken down this weekend with it. So much for going to Shuttleworks to check out the spinning wheels. I've sent up a temporary hospital in our livingroom, it's better than having them throw up all over the beds and I have my trusty steam vac on stand by(that was the best wedding present we received).

On the knitting front, not as much done on my socks as I would have liked. I have both going, so they will be the same size and I've turned the heel and knitted a couple rows on each for the foot. I'm starting to see the light and hopefully I'll have a fancy schmancy pair of socks for Fridays Knit and Knatter at the LYS.

On Friday I managed to sneak out for a while and get some shopping done for my SP7. Not telling what I picked up and also did a little online ordering for my pal and a little for myself(have to make it worth the shipping, that's what I tell hubby anyway). I also picked up some Red Heart Acrylic for myself, yes, I know, why would I be buying Red Heart you ask? I finally realized I'm almost out of acrylic I've been using to crochet my squares for the granny square exchange. I only picked up 3 balls of the supersaver, one white and two multi colored. Good enough for now. I didn't make it to the LYS this weekend, just Micheals, so no new sock yarn to report.

That's about it. Happy knitting everyone!


Blogger SDMC said...

Hope you guys feel better soon! Almost finished with the move and they'll hook up all our "stuff" next week.

7:15 a.m.  

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