Thursday, January 19, 2006

Giftees and still sick!!

This is really starting to suck, I've been sick off and on since Christmas day. I thought it was clearing up over a week ago and came back to bite me in the ass. Both of the little guys are still down with the flu as well, hubby and our oldest are feeling fine(must be nice). Does anyone have any good ways to get rid of a bad cough and nasal congestion without having to take Buckleys???? Please let me know...

My socks are in the home stretch, still... I have to finish the toe decreases on one and the rest of the foot(3 inches till decreasing) on the other. I'm hoping to finish this weekend, I just keep going into these coughing fits and can't knit long enough to see any progress.

On a brighter note, today the postlady stopped by and I got a nice package from Shara. Inside the package was 8 balls of Knit Picks Essential, I believe the big ball is the Parade from Knit Picks and a lovely card. I've been wanting to try the Knit Picks sock yarn for a while now. My little guys are asking for some striped socks and I can't wait to start a pair for myself using the green(one of my favorite colors). So much yarn so little time... You know, I think I may use the cream for a pair of fingerless mitts, since it hasn't been cold here (which is a shock) I haven't been in a rush to get them done. We have had a couple light dustings of snow but nothing that stays and it has been like this since December and I hope it stays this way too. Yes I know, I'm in Canada and I should be used to the snow but since I didn't have any on Christmas they can keep it!

Who hasn't heard of the Knitting Olympics? I, myself, do not watch the Olympics but have played numerous sports in school(15 years ago)is thinking about joining. I've been coveting a felted bag of some sort and bought 4 skeins of a really sweet handpainted Lopi wool from Painted Yarns at the LYS months ago. I'm thinking that would give me a good kick in the butt to get it done and I'll actually have something to carry my wallet in!! 16 days and big needles/yarn, could be done. I wonder if I would have to include the felting in that time too?


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