Saturday, February 11, 2006

Olympic Start(Late!!)

Yes, I was late starting my Knitting Olympics Branching Out Scarf.

At 2pm yesterday I was shuttling my oldest son around getting his "new" bank account set up and buying shoes for his very First job at Burger King. So after all that was taken care of and he was dropped off at orientation we came home and I finished my crochet squares I had to send out for the exchange this month. They are now in the care of Canada Post and out of my hair.

Here is my Olympic update:

First pic of the cast on and first 5 rows of garter stitch, looking good!

Second pic after doing the first 9 rows of the pattern, I suck but it was only the first attempt.

Third shot of the second attempt pre-frogging! I was on row 9 and moved my paper over to look at the pattern notes and when I looked back to continue, I continued with row 7.

Fourth pic and a very proud moment,it was beautiful, the crowd cheering, well hubby was. Everything came together, and I remembered my life line on row 7(but did not need it), it looks great. 1st repeat officially done and called it a night.

Here is this mornings progress at 6:00 am(boys were up at 5 am), before having my first cup of coffee!!! I don't function very well till I have 3 strong cups in me, and this update is full of errors, so please forgive the poor grammar or spelling mistakes you may come across, lol.

I have a new found confidence and plan to tackle more lace projects in the future. Will give you an update later on the new sock yarn I acquired and other BS.

Knit On!!!


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It looks great!!!

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