Thursday, March 23, 2006

We have another pair of Socks!!!

Introducing, Artyarns Supermerino sockies...insert clapping here...

They are finished, whipped the mate up today using my own pattern. What was the delay with these guys you ask. Well, the first one turned out great except it didn't fit, a tad to small. When I say tad it was about 1/2 inch to small so I kept it by the computer to remind me everytime I logged on that it needed to be fixed. Lucky I didn't weave in the ends knowing full well it was going to be frogged back and toe redone, someday.

Last night it was to much, I was online reading blogs and the sock kept saying "frog me, frog me" so I ripped it back and fixed my mistake and even tried the kitchener again. My first attempts sucked(I normally do the 3 needle bind off, very painless), to tight and when I was reading my blog rolls last night and for the life of me can't remember which blogger said to use a lightbulb when tightening up the stitches. My lightbulb went on and voila I now have a pair of cute little sockies.

I also casted on last night for my mate to my STR Xmas Rock and need to do another 2 inches on the leg before working the heel. Hardcore knitting the past 2 days. I'm trying to get 3 pairs done this month, world record for me to have more than 2 projects done a month, lol. I pick up my spinning wheel tomorrow and the lady whom I've purchased it from will be giving me a lesson on washing fleece and preparing it for spinning. Sweet, so must get as much knitting done as possible because I'm unsure how much knitting time I will be losing once I get the wheel.

Will post pics tomorrow or Saturday of the new addition to the family. Must sleep now, will be washing wool all afternoon tomorrow.


Blogger Melissa said...

Very nice. I have socks that need to be knitted and this keeps reminding me!

7:42 a.m.  

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