Sunday, October 02, 2005

Socks are in the final stretch

Yes, it looks like the socks will be done before Christmas, Yippeeeee!!!

I have finished the gusset on both pairs and working the last part and they do fit, except right now my toes stick out but hey I was getting worried they would be going to one of my little ones. I really wanted my first pair for myself since my husband did buy my first 2 balls of sock yarn for me 3 Christmas' ago, yes 3. It has taken this long to work up the courage to tackle socks and boy since I've started I've been buying sock yarn non stop. The worst part is that I'm going to Calgary on Tuesday and would like to check out a couple of the yarn stores there and I am so hoping I can control myself, Not. We'll see, I will keep it reasonable.

I did make 2 stitch markers today, picked up some supplies from Michael's and they turned out not to bad. I just haven't been wanting to spend $20 on a set of 4 from some of the online stores when I know if I gave it a whirl I could come up with something passable. Other than that a pretty uneventful weekend, finally.

Here's some quiz stuff

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All of it is true and my very important job is being a mom and wife ;-)


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