Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More FO's and I got mail!!

Finally finished my bookmarks this morning for the dishcloth exchange. I just wanted to add a little something extra since we will be receiving the dishcloths back close to Christmas. I made snowflake bookmarks with #10 crochet thread, the sparkly kind. This was my first time working with crochet thread and boy was it a pain in the you know what. On my fifth one, by the way I only had to do 6, I finally started getting the hang of using the thread. I don't like the way it keeps twisting up on you as your working. I will make 3 more to include with the Christmas gifts to my sister Lisa, MIL Val and Aunt Margaret.

Now to cast on for the socks today and hopefully see some progress in those. I wouldn't mind making a pair next week for my sister who's birthday is in 2 weeks. She's in Jasper, AB and worried about how cold it will get there so I figured she would like a pair of wool socks to wear. I also have a ribbon belt I made her for her birthday too and if I can't get the socks done next week I will send her a crockpot as well.

I checked my mail today and I received a package from my crochet partner for this month(6 inch square exchange). They are the cutest little squares, one in yellow and red and the other in yellow and mint green. She also included a pencil, notepad, eraser and paper. The little notepad I will use for making my socks so I can keep track of how many rows and so forth.

Time to go cast on those socks before I start supper, cross your fingers.


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