Monday, August 15, 2005

I christen thee "KnitoneInsane2".

I thank my husband, Robert for being the inspiration on the name of my new blog. He thinks I'm insane when it comes to all the crafting projects I have and ones I'm interested in trying. He figures I should pick one and stick with it, NOT.

On the needles- dishcloth for my exchange in November(need 2 more), poncho for a friends baby girl, an afghan for myself in Lionbrand chenille has been on the needles for 3 months and only 3 balls in and my first ever pair of socks. I casted one on last weekend and got the ribbing done and about 1 inch down and decided to buy a second set of needles so I can do them together. I'm using Regia 4ply self patterning(blues w/white). My husband bought me the yarn Christmas 2002 and I've been scared till now to try them. What the heck, I'll give it a whirl if it doesn't work out I can always frog and try again.

For crochet I've just been downloading as many free patterns for squares as I can find. I joined 2 exchanges, a 12 inch and 6 inch square exchange and this has peeked my interest to learn more stitches besides the good old double crochet. By the way I'm self taught when it comes to crochet. I'm using 2 books and what help sites I can find on the net. So far so good. I managed to get three squares out this month, 2-6inch, 1 traditional granny square and a "spoke n'fun" square and a 12 inch "manly square". They turned out pretty good and I only had trouble with the spoke n'fun.

Now to sign up for SecretPal6.

And I no longer have blogger envy.


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