Tuesday, September 06, 2005


So last Wednesday I went shopping with my two little guys and when we were bringing in the groceries the phone started ringing. I took off my shoes and went running into the house with a few bags of groceries and BANG, fell flat on my face. I tripped over one of the many booby traps my boys have laid out for some unsuspecting person to get hurt on. You have to admit, sometimes other peoples pain can be funny. I landed left knee down first and I thought for sure I broke something, the pain was so intense it actually made me cry and I do have a very high threshold for pain. My middle child, Justice came running to my aid with the phone and offered to call "911" for me. He said I could ride in an ambulance if he called "9 1 1 " and while he was talking he was not within reaching distance because the first thing that came into my head as I was laying there in tears was "BRING ME THE BOY" for those who don't know that is a Simpson quote. After 10 minutes of laying in pain I managed to get up and limp, more like hop to the phone which Justice decided it would be in his best interest to stay far away from mommy because she was threatening to throw all the toys out. Called the husband and he recommended that I relax, elevate the leg and apply ice. Relax, that is not in a mother's vocabulary, I still had to unpack the groceries, get supper for the kids. Got that all done and was feeling not as bad come Friday when Hubby was off. Managed to get the rest of the groceries done and take the kids to the park, I should have spent the weekend resting but things have to get done and I am crippled once again. Just below the knee on the outside of the leg is all bruised which goes to the back of the knee and on the inside of the leg and it hurts like hell!!!

On the upside I did get some knitting and crochet done since the injury. I finished in crochet a snowflake bookmark, a snowflake fridgie, 6-inch square for my exchange 1 of 2. For knitting, I'm almost finished the dishcloth, 10 more rows, did some knitting on my afghan and the shawl.

Received my pattern instructions of Aunt Margaret today and yes it does include everyone's preferences!!!!! Man, socks are starting to be the "Bain of my Existence" and I haven't even made my first sock yet. Well that was my rant for the day, hopefully week.

So looking forward to SP6, is it the 11th yet!!!!!!


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