Saturday, August 27, 2005

Yarn Fix!!

Went to the LYS yesterday to get my yarn fix and picked up some Cantata cotton (20% off) for a shawl, Patons Canadiana for my little guys sweater (on sale 40% off), Bernat Galaxy and Carmen for only a buck plus some pattern books, also on sale. That is a pretty good fix if I do say so myself. I do love sales, it means I can buy more!! Here is a pic of my goodies.

Update on the socks-didn't get touched all week. I'm finally getting over a sinus cold so trying to follow a pattern was out of the question. I did manage to whip up a couple more dishcloths for Christmas gifts and print off more free patterns I found on the net.

I am soooo looking forward for Secret Pal 6 to start. Yesterday I got to spend an hour in the LYS without the kids or hubby checking out all the wonderful yarn and wondering what will my secret pal love. I love shopping, especially for others so signing up for SP6 is going to be a real treat. I don't have many people to shop for that are yarnaholics or even crafters so it will be nice to finally have someone to shop for who appreciates the things I do. Time to take the little guys to the park, maybe take a dishcloth to knit while I'm there.


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