Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Long time no blog

Well it has been over a week since my last entry, so where do I begin.

First off I am now a homeschooling mom, yes, my eldest child who shall remain nameless has decided he didn't like school and wants to be homeschooled or just quit altogether. He had run away on the first day of school and was gone for almost a week. I was finally able to contact A's mom and ask her where her daughter was so she could tell me "where the f*** they were hiding my son". Her mother is one of the stupidest people I have ever met, her response was "Jordan told me he was kicked out". Now who kicks out a 15 year old kid and I asked her why she didn't call to verify and all she could say is that he is an honest boy, why would he lie. This coming from a woman who has called us in the middle of the night or early morning hours looking for her daughter. What a total dumb ass!!! Sorry but I really needed to vent.

The kids he hangs out with are not the best, they do come from very good homes but it seems that some of them are just to busy or have given up altogether and tired of chasing them around here when they do run away so what the hell if we give in they will stay home, sometimes. This does not make things easier for those of us who are desperately trying to make sure our kids stay in school and out of trouble. One good thing though as I look at my two little ones I can honestly say I think they will be more the leader types and not followers like my oldest. Oh man I hope so, having to go through this crap 2 more times is going to drive me insane.

Second, my leg is getting better and no longer in constant pain.

Third, I have enhanced my stash!!! Yeh!!!!! My Knitpicks order arrived today and I picked up some Handspun Handpainted Lopi wool for my first felting project, a bag for myself as well as some sock yarn, handspun handpainted 100% merino wool plus some merino wool(can't remember the name but very soft) for my Aunt Margaret.

I would post photos but blogger isn't playing nice right now.

Fourth, half way done my pair of socks. I am doing both at the same time and I'm just picking up stitches for the gusset. I had one almost finished but frogged to the heel again because the decreases lined up on one side and the other went down the centre, nice. I'm not sure how many times I have frogged these socks, well it's usually one I'm frogging but this is coming onto 2 weeks of working these puppies and I would really like to get them done. My sock yarn stash has dramatically increased from 5 balls to a small tote full which doesn't include the stuff from knitpixie that should be here any day.

Well I think I've gotten around to almost everything, back to the socks. I'll try again later to post the pics of my new stash enhancements.


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