Saturday, September 17, 2005

Secret Pal

Hi Secret Pal,
Thanks for the email and I just wanted to let you know "I LOVE SURPRISES". My wishlist is a good guideline for my husband's Christmas Shopping. He prefers to buy a bunch of smaller items than one big item and I enjoy the variety.

I am looking forward to the next three months, I will be sending my first package out to my pal sometime this weekend. I've also been reading some of the blogs of the participants in SP6 and "wow" I thought I was one of the only RPG fanatics(PC games and Warhammer 40K) in my age category(boy does that make me feel old). The minis I paint are for my husbands D&D game he plays every Sunday. He's the Dungeon Master and I do some commission work for the guys who don't paint. I'll post some pics soon of some of my work and my boys.

Of to Michael's craft store, I'm going to give beading a whirl(everythings on sale this weekend)so why not.


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