Monday, September 19, 2005

GRRRRRRR....... Husbands!!!!!

What a weekend, I got no knitting done what so ever. Everytime I went to pick up the needles somebody wanted/needed something. You would think having the husband home on weekends he could pick up a little slack to give me a little time to do some of my own stuff but nooooo. Saturday we spent the day grocery shopping and looking for a bed for our 3 year old and ended up buying a damn nice set of bunkbeds, well more like a bunk bed style on the top, desk and shelves on the sides and a pull out trundle bed for the bottom. I also bought the 5 year parts and labour warranty since our little guys bed broke do to extreme jumping.

Now back to the rant, Sunday the husband didn't get up till 11:30 am, yes you read correctly, 11:30 am. I was up with Collin and Justice as per usual at 7:30 am had them fed and was making my all day meat sauce when he got his butt up and onto the couch. The next door neighbours started mowing their lawn and he just continued to sit there watching tv, by the way our lawn had not been mowed in almost 3 weeks. Once I got my sauce going I went outside grabbed the mower and started the front, I was half way done he came out and watched me do a bit then offered to finish. I finished it, ignoring his offer so he went to the back and picked up the toys and proceeded to watch me mow for a bit when I told him I didn't need an audience. After mowing the lawn, making sauce, cleaning the bathroom, washing the floors, vacuuming, picked up a few more groceries and some clothes for Justice I came home to find him still on the couch but this time showered, watching cartoons. What a butt!!!! Here's a picture of him.

Today I stomped the hoof on my oldest, Jordan, who is 15 years and Rob(husband) and told them they are going to have to take care of the yard work once and for all, none of this "letting it buck" for 3 weeks or letting the snow sit there and say "it will melt soon". You would think with 2 big guys I would never have to worry about the lawn or shovelling, "HELL NO". Then the icing on the cake today was I've been Summoned for Jury Duty!!! I'm going in tomorrow with my request to be excused because 1. I'm a stay at home mom 2. I have NO babysitter, our little guys have never been left with anyone 3. I'm homeschooling 4. The husband works fulltime Monday-Friday and we can't live on the $10.00/day they are offering if I'm selected.

Man, what a weekend and a Monday. All I want to do is get my socks done, my first pair and get started on some of the Opal handpainted I bought in August. Well off to my socks, working on the legs right now.

Hi Secret Pal (waving)!


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