Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer Holidays Have Begun!

Woot! Summer Holidays are here and I'm kicking back with a cup of coffee, fondling some yarn and reading blogs, I have so many to catch up on.

I received my SP10 reveal and it is Shelley over at Kitten Knits Yarn and take a look at all the wonderful goodies she sent. I wish I had a better pic but this HP(my old camera) just sucks, new camera next week I hope if they are on sale.
Here's a list of the goodies, we have 2 skeins of baby cashmere in a gorgeous dark pink, bernat cotton in blues, a skein of Meilenweit Cotton in blues/greens/yellow/white(col.#2270) all are just gorgeous and the sock yarn I've been wanting to try for sometime and it is alot softer than the Regia Cotton Surf. I'm trying to control myself and not cast on with it or the Louet Gems Shelley had sent last month but it is so hard, that Flicker pattern keeps calling my name. I also received 2 Briggs and Little pattern books for Mittens and Heavy Socks(needed these for socks for kids/inlaws and mittens for everyone) and a knitted dishcloth dress which I've been searching for for sometime but only found crocheted ones. There was also a journal, lip gloss and lots of yummy chocolate and candies. Shelley sent her favorite chocolates, Guylian, which are one of the family favorites here as well as the others she included. I am all set for the weekend, hehe. Thanks so much Shelley, this was an awesome round of Secret Pal!
I hope my SP10 pal receives her package today, I just checked the online tracker and it has been accepted at the sortation plant in her city as of yesterday. Fingers crossed.
Justice had his Kindergarten Grad on Tuesday, it was so cute. Mrs. Andreachuk and her aides set up a great ceremony, lots of music and singing/dancing was done by the kids. Sorry no pics, have to get Jordan's camera cord to transfer the pics from his camera to my computer. Hubby videotaped the whole thing and I got lots of pics on Jordan's camera and I actually made it through the morning without crying, lol.
Yesterday was the last day of school for Justice. It was only a half day and the whole school, well the ones who wanted to go, went swimming at the U of L. Hubby, Collin and I went to watch and hang out with everyone one last time, wow it was sad. I can't believe a whole school year has passed and Justice will be in Grade 1 come September and Collin will be in Kindergarten. We have lots of phone numbers of his fellow classmates so play dates are to come for the summer. Both Rob and I were talking yesterday and we both don't know how we will be come Monday when our routine has been blown out of the water and don't have to drop Justice off or pick him up. Rob is a real creature of habit and when that is tinkered with he is really out of sorts for a while and me, I'll probably wake up in a panic for the first couple of weeks thinking I'm late getting Justice ready, lol. The two little guys have both opted not to take any summer programs this year and well I don't really mind. As a kid I was shuffled from place to place, ballet, majorettes and all my afterschool sports I was in and the only things I really wanted to do were the sports. Majorettes was fine except when we did alot of parades and stuff, that meant practices every day and that sucked. The boys just want to hang out and we have little day or overnight trips planned throughout the summer and playdates so we are good and I would like to have them with me during the summer too. School is only 2 months away and I'll be alone all day, well half of it so I better take advantage of the time I have with my boys now.
Well enough babbling for now, I'll post tomorrow about my new stash enhancements with pics from "The Boy's"(Jordan) camera.


Blogger Knitting Mama said...

Hey Secret Pal! I can't believe it's you!

1:49 p.m.  
Blogger Shelley said...

Tammy, so glad you enjoyed the loot! I hope the chocolates weren't melted...that would be sad! Can't wait to see the socks you make and what you use the cashmere for!

LOL! Knitting Mama (above) was my awesome secret pal!

6:55 p.m.  
Blogger Knitting Mama said...

It was a fun menage a trois (Me, Tammy & Shelley!) Glad we all had fun!

11:13 p.m.  

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