Monday, April 30, 2007

Woot, Fanny's are done!

Here's a pic of my Fanny's for Socktopia. Wow, what a sock to work on, they may be anklets but short row heel and toe I have never attempted before. Heck it took me 3 weeks of reading over the pattern contemplating whether or not I could do it, lol. But after much thought I took on the dreaded short rows and won, with no holes either *cackle*. Here's a pic of the finished socks and my heel, see no holes, I'm one proud knitter.

Now that I have finished a pair with short rows, with only having to frog the heels of both 3 times each and toes once each I think I will make a go of the toe up. After taking a look at the Rockin' Sock Club Kit I really need to master the toe up otherwise I won't have a kit to knit, hehe. I'll give it a whirl right after I finish my Hocrux mate, hopefully tomorrow. Here's a better pic of my yarn porn from last week. Check out the Yarn Pirate *squeals* and the STR "Walking on the Wild Tide".

But here's a little more catch up from the last post. I ended up with a sinus cold not allergies and missed my little guys special day in Kindergarten on Thursday. That really sucked cause I enjoy watching him in class plus talking to someone over the age of 6 helps too ;). Hubby took my place and had some fun but I'm at the end of this nasty thing and things are getting back to normal. We had a great time on Saturday, took the boys to the park(forgot the camera but brought the knitting)for a couple of hours and yesterday we were out all afternoon with me knitting on the sidelines trying not to get hit by the basketball. A good time was had and I finished my socks last night before going to bed. Here's the boys having a blast yesterday.

Well better run, have to pick up the little guy at school in 10 minutes.


Blogger Holly said...

Hope you are getting better.

My STR finally arrived today. Coupled with the other packages this week, I have lots of socks ahead.

9:50 a.m.  
Blogger Your Sock Friend ;-) said...

I love the pictures of your boys!

And those socks! I'm going to have to attempt some of my own, soon...

11:30 p.m.  
Blogger Knittymama said...

Ughh, I still can't maaster the short row heel!

8:14 p.m.  

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