Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Kids are bouncing off the walls, all the eggs have been found and it's time to start knitting, lol.

What a morning, the little guys had us out of bed at 6 am, they did try for 4:30 am but no way that was happening. I had my camera all ready to go, turn it on and batteries are dead, nice, grab Jordan's camera, memory card full and his plug isn't compatible with mine(damn Kodak) and his laptop is buried somewhere in his room. Start the hunt for my back up, the little HP, found it, memory card full, transfer pics and batteries die. Something tells me I should have stayed in bed or at least had a cup of coffee before this had begun. Once the batteries are changed kids start the hunt. It only took 10 minutes this year to find 38 plastic eggs. I didn't want to hide to many that were in the open but next year I won't make it as easy, lol.

Now that I've had 3 cups of coffee, sent hubby to work(yes, he works today, double shift), made cookies with the boys I'm ready to do a little blogging and knitting. I managed a couple of rounds on the Horcrux socks for the MIL. I sent them an email the other day asking their shoe sizes and always thought she had smaller feet than I...NOT. She's got size 10's, same with Rob's dad and he thought they were close to his size 13's(could this have been his plan to get some extra socks, hmm, maybe, especially since I haven't made him any yet). Lucky I didn't make the first Horcrux sock to fit me, lol. These socks are my 3rd time knitting with worsted for socks and wow, working with a solid color is killing me. I did very well when I cast on for these puppies on the 1st, got the leg and heel turned and just totally lost interest on the foot. Mental note, start buying variegated worsted wool, lol.

In other news, I just received my Knitter's Treat pals info!!!! Woot!! I'm all excited, she like knitting socks too. Now, the big decision, what yarn do I send. Lucky I have a few weeks before sending the package out. On the Secret Pal 10 front, I still haven't received the packages of goodies I bought for my pal yet. I'm sure they are held up in Customs, those guys love the sock yarn. I was really hoping to get her first package out before the end of March but now it looks like it will be leaving the middle of April.

My spoiler for SP10 is just awesome! *wave* I should be seeing the package she sent in a little bit, can't wait. Happy Easter Secret Knitter!

Spring cleaning is almost finished now. I still have the laundry room to wash down and reorganize the computer room. Hubby was off Thursday and Friday so we hung the new curtains and dumped the blinds and the place is looking great. Saturday we had our Easter dinner since both Jordan and hubby worked yesterday evening and today. Justice is off this week for Spring Break and maybe, just maybe I will get one day of sleeping in *fingers crossed* and a couple pairs of socks finished. WIP's are the scarf and 3 pair of socks and trying not to cast on for anymore till at least one is finished. It is so hard, I've got sock yarn everywhere, or almost everywhere.

Time for more coffee. Happy Easter Everyone!


Blogger Secret Knitter 2007 said...

Happy Easter! Sounds like the boys had a great time this morning...hopefully they aren't all loaded up on chocolate and bouncing off the walls at bed time ;o).

As for your stuff for your pal, I wonder if it being Easter weekend that it might have held it up some? I know I'm expecting some yarn I ordered for a couple of scarves (hopefully for Christmas presents for next Christmas), and I think that because of the holiday weekend that it might be slower getting here. Lets hope that is all that is holding your package back. Otherwise, can you get in contact with the shipper to see if and when they've sent it out to you?

Hope you get some time to sleep in this week and get lots of knitting done! I was able to get more done today myself and it felt great!

6:42 p.m.  
Blogger Knitting Mama said...

Happy Easter Tammy!

8:37 p.m.  

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