Friday, March 09, 2007

To many projects

To many things on this gal's plate, I just had to add another, lol. Knit Off!-starts March 24 at noon Est and ends March 26 at 8pm Est. What the heck, I do know in crunch time I can get the socks done plus the prize is pretty sweet.

Kids update-took the little guys to the Dr's this morning and they both have bronchitis....again! This winter sure has sucked healthwise in this family, as for myself I'm just getting past this flu bug and crossing the old fingers hoping I don't get what they have or worse.

On the knitting front, my sockret pals socks are 50% done, just turning heels on both those babies and hopefully I will have them ready for Thursday to mail. I can't wait to see what my pal thinks of the socks.

I got an early birthday gift from the in-laws, the sent some cashola so I made a quick stop over at Blue Moon and ordered Little Bunny Foo Foo, Lucy and Downpour.

Time to get supper going.


Blogger Andrea said...

That's funny, I ordered the same 3 colourways last week-end. Plus Rhodonite.

7:46 p.m.  
Blogger Marisol said...

So sorry to hear that your kids have been feeling so awful! Bronchitis is no joke!

Happy Birthday my dear!

7:46 p.m.  

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