Friday, February 09, 2007

FO's, Shopping and other news

Woot, finished my first pair of socks for this month, very happy. The regia socks came out a perfect fit and the thing with these socks I didn't try them on like I normally do when I'm knitting for myself. I had to give this way a whirl since I have officially taken over knitting socks for Rob's mom and dad and have given his Aunt Margaret a break. She's got her own crew plus other family members she knits for and since I prefer making socks and have not tackled a sweater yet I volunteered for the job.

So, since I will be knitting for hubby's mom and dad I thought I better grab some yarn so that led to an online shopping trip at Little Knits, lol. I grabbed 6 skeins of sock yarn (Regia cotton and some Online) plus a Trekking and Fleece Artist and some Alpaca(on sale dirt cheap) for myself, lol. I've also been having an urge to knit a sweater so I bought Wendy's "Drive Thru/Quicko Cheapo" sweater pattern and will give this a go for Collin. I let him choose the colors and we are going with Cascade 220 in Red 9422 for the main and cream/grey and black for the cc's. I am so excited, just have to go the the LYS sometime this week and pick up some addi's. With all this urges to purchase yarn I went on over to vanCalcar Acres and ordered the Kitri sock kit and 2 skeins of BlackJack Candy, one of the single and one multiple repeats since I couldn't decide which I wanted more, lol.

Now, on the home front, not much to report except all of us are either recovered or very close to recovering from these infections we've been sporting this winter. Both Collin and I still have a mild cough but everyone else is 100% which is such a relief to hear. I am so sick of being sick and the money spent on prescriptions could have enhanced my stash very nicely, let us just say the in what we have spent on drugs could have paid for my Rockin Sock Club!

On the swap front, I am still plugging away at my Sockret Pal socks but have gotten all the shopping done on her package so I should have that ready to go by the end of the month. I also joined a couple of other swaps, one on swapbot, a Secret Sister exchange for Canadians. This one goes over 3 months and we send a small/medium/large package worth $60 for everything. I've got everything to go for my first package and I'll get hubby to mail it on Monday. I've also joined the Favorite Color Swap 2 and since I missed the 1st round I wasn't going to be left out again, lol. I spent most of this morning blog stalking my spoilee and have a page full of info so we'll have to get the shopping started. I also heard from my spoiler and I'm looking forward to finding out who it is when it's over.

Time to start cleaning up a bit so I can get back to my knitting. Have a safe weekend and happy knitting!


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Hey! Can you please email me at graphicdesignchick at hotmail dot com to let me know what color code that Trekking is? It's a gorgeous color!

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