Wednesday, January 24, 2007

FO's and other stuff

Well, after treating my boys the last few weeks for bronchitis I managed to end up with pneumonia. Just finished the five day course of antibiotics which are supposed to work for 10 days so hopefully next week I'll be back to normal, what ever that is, lol.

I have managed to get some knitting done this week in between the coughing fits. I finished a pair of socks for my oldest, actually off the needles and on his feet finished. I've got a pair of STR in my own design almost finished, just have to finish the mate and that baby is ready for pics. I cast on for another pair of socks cause heck if I can have a set of sock dpns sitting idle, lol. For that pair I'm using some Regia I received from my Aunt Margaret for Christmas and this was strange too, normally I never want to use the Regia to often but this color #5375 has been calling to me since opening the package on Christmas day. I managed to get to the heel last night and just started turning it before playing on the puter. I'll try to get that done and cast on for the mate tonight and hopefully have a pair done within 4 days.

On the swap front, I sent my Knit Mitt Kit Swap package out last week and my confirmation says she has received it today, can't wait to here what she thinks of the pattern I picked. I'm still waiting for mine but since my pal is from the US it will take a bit longer, so hopefully in the next day or two we'll have a big unveiling. I also participated in a Coffee and Yarn swap on Swap Bot, my pal enjoyed her package, I couldn't resist joining that one. I love sharing my favorite coffee which is roasted right here in the city. As for my package let's just say that opened coffee in a bubble envelope don't mix. The poor Lorna's laces that was sent with the coffee is covered in coffee grounds and so was my computer desk and keyboard :(

Here's a little yarn porn which I've been lacking on my blog for sometime, lol. These are my purchases starting from Boxing day to last week. Yes, my bad. I've been going overboard a bit not to mention the Bluemoon "Rockin Sock club" all paid for a couple of weeks ago, lol. I'm grateful hubby does not care to know how much my yarn costs and nor does he read my blog, lol.

I also made another purchase last night, something I've been wanting for the past couple of months but everytime I want to purchase it, it is out of stock. Last night I lucked out and purchased a Namaste Chocolate Messenger Bag, Woot, over at Scout's Swag. I am one very happy camper right now ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband bought me the chocolate Namaste bag from Scout for Christmas and I LOVE it.

4:30 p.m.  

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