Friday, March 02, 2007

Super Duper quick update

This is just a drive by post, more to come tonight or tomorrow.

Belated thanks to my Secret Canadian sister for the great package I received. I got a skein of yarn, needles, chocolate(thank you for that, I was in the middle of a chocolate craving, lol) and some special stitchmarkers she made just for me :). Pics later.

Also, some super yarn/furniture/tv purchases have been made, details later.

I also sent my package out to my Secret Sister and she loved it, Woot! I will be sending my Favorite Color Swap2 pals package out tomorrow. Just have to grab 2 more things today and wrap that puppy up.

And last but not least, just checked my email and received a letter from my Favorite Color Swap pal!!!!

This year is just going awesome!

More later, happy knitting!


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