Friday, February 16, 2007

We have mittens!

Woot, I finally have a pair of handknit mittens for myself. I got going a week or more ago on the cable fingerless glove pattern Christa sent in my Mitten Kit, the yarn is gorgeous but didn't seem to work with the pattern. The cable was a bit lost in the colors so I frogged the glove and started over using a basic mitten pattern. Voila, here we have a gorgeous pair of mittens using Fearless Fibers Wool/alpaca in the Midnight Rendezvous colorway and they are perfect and so warm. I started these puppies Sunday night and finished Tuesday night and wore them to pick up hubby and I was so toasty, I'm thinking a matching scarf with the extra skein and a bit. I am going to give the fingerless glove pattern another whirl with some other yarn as soon as I finish up the socks I am making for my Sockret Pal.

Here's a pic of my Project Spectrum 2 sock, using Regia Cotton and my Sockret Pal socks using Cherry Tree Hill in the Jewels colorway. Wow, first time knitting with both yarns and the Cherry Tree Hill is just a dream, definitely a close second to STR in my opinion. The Regia cotton is very nice to work with too, first time using cotton in my socks, any tips or tricks I should know?

I also received some mail this week, first off we have the Namaste Messenger Bag in Chocolate and it is so roomy. I love this bag!

The other package I received was from my Aunt Margaret and she sent a box of Wool, 4 balls of the Patons Soy Wool and the rest is sock yarn. I've got a large assortment of Regia, Sisu(haven't tried that yet) and Patons Kroy, enough to make 15 pairs of socks for Hubby. This was her stash she had set aside for Rob and since I have taken over knitting socks for the family she passed them on. What a gal, how can anyone turn down a box of sock yarn, lol. The pressure is on, must complete a few pairs of socks for Rob, his Mom and Dad for Christmas and I am starting their socks next month, lol.

Things are looking good for this month in the knitting department, so far I have a pair of socks and mittens for February and 2 pairs of socks I'm plugging away on. I just may have 3 pairs of socks done for this month, cross your fingers.


Blogger Christa said...

Sorry the yarn didn't work for the cabled fingerless gloves, but your mittens look lovely. I'll look forward to seeing the scarf you knit to match.

11:46 a.m.  

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