Thursday, March 08, 2007

Knocked Down and Birthday Wishes

Holy crap, so much for posting the next day. Saturday I got all sidetracked with the new tv being delivered and finishing off the sockies for my Favorite Color Swap 2 pals package for their expected little one. Sunday the little guys and I started to feel a little ill by Monday morning we were knocked flat on our butts by the flu and 4 days later I am finally functional. The little guys are still miserable but seem to be on the road to recovery :). Sheesh, I can get crap done and be fully functional having pneumonia but this flu had us bedridden literally for 2 days.

Before I forget, Happy 38th Birthday Hubby!

Now let us get to some good stuff, first off, big Thanks to my Secret Canadian Sister for the great package I received. She sent a skein of Moda Dea Cache with a charm attached, a set of needles(Justice noticed that they were labeled "for kids" and he asked if I could teach him how to knit, lol), a chocolate bar(didn't make the pictures) and some scrabble stitchmarkers. How did you know I was a big fan of scrabble. Thanks again for the great package

I have another Big Thank you to my Favorite Color Swap 2 pal Nicole for the awesome package she sent. Talk about knock your socks off, lucky she sent some STR in Beryl(I've been dyeing to get my hands on that colorway), Fleece Artist Curly Locks in an amazing purple/brown/dark yellows, purple stitchmarkers from "The Bead Hive" a local artist in Edmonton, A red/white heart bag which is perfect for all my stitchmarkers I have hanging abouts my computer area. Nicole also sent a Voluspa vanilla candle which made the package smell ooh so good, some cards for "My Favorite Sock Recipients"-now I just need more recipients, lol. Last but not least one of my favorite treats, Swedish Berries. Thank you so much Nicole for making this a great exchange. The Fleece Artist yarn is going to make a gorgeous Narrow scarf

Here's a peek at what I sent my pal, these are the baby socks I whipped up pre-flu and are safely on their way to their recipient in the US

And a little more yarn porn, just for yarn porn, my Kitri sock kit and 2 skeins of Black Jack, couldn't decide which pattern repeat I wanted so I bought both, lol.

Well, I'm beat, time to go plant myself in front of my kick ass 42" grand wega hubby bought for our pretend anniversary/early birthday present for myself. Yes, I asked for a tv, lol, hubby was happy with the 27" flat screen but not me. Looking forward to watching McDreamy on the big screen tonight!


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