Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Is it ever going to end??? Socks are Done, Yippeeee!!!

So, lots has happened since I last posted. Where to begin....

Ok, first thing we ordered a loft package from the Brick last month, it has been on backorder and that was fine with us. We got a pretty sweet deal with the family pricing in September so no complaints from us. Now to deal with the so-called store manager and his customer service staff that is a different story. The Store Manager(he couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag if he had to) was rude to put it nicely. He called on Tuesday evening at 8:40pm to let me know the furniture was going to be in on Thursday and I had to come in and pay the balance before he would confirm delivery. The store closes at 9pm and here it is almost 15 minutes to close and hubby is working a double, me without the van and kids asleep. I told him the situation and he said it wasn't his problem and it had to be paid before close or we would be waiting for the next avaliable delivery date. I started to get PO'd and told him it shouldn't be the customers problem if he had more time management skills and he said he would do me a favor and confirm the delivery as long as I was in the next morning to pay, fine, I paid the next morning and told off the manager, Chris the guy who called the night before. The so called ladies in Customer Service licked you know what, you would think that a customer coming into the store dropping $800 in cash would be treated with more respect, NOT! The loft package didn't arrive on Thursday like promised, the dates were changed by you know who and came Saturday BROKEN, yes, broken. So, here we are paying for merchandise before it arrives at the store and in our possession being served by total dicks and running back and forth to the store to pick up something that's not there and when it is it's broken. That was the icing on the cake and hubby said no more, we want our money back which they than informed us it would take 2 weeks to cut a cheque from head office because we paid Cash, yes that is what I said Cash. Total BS from the Brick, Store Manager and Staff. I did fax a letter to the Vice President of Sales for Western Canada and to the BBB but still haven't heard anything from the Brick, it figures.

2nd thing, hubby was working on Monday, his usual double shift when a half hour before close 2 guys came in and tried to rob him. One of the guys got him in a choke hold and the other tried to open the register but no luck because it has been broken for sometime and they manually open it with a key when giving or receiving cash. They fought and the 2 guys got away with nothing and here is hubby after his trip to the hospital for 5 stitches to the brow area and the only things he was worried about was his shirt(his fav) and trying to hide what happened from me to prevent me from having any further stress.

Good News, I finally finished my socks and they turned out great except they don't fit me but they do fit my 4 year old, Justice. He has been bugging me from day one to have them so what the heck, I'm just proud that they turned out. Here they are in all their glory and being modelled by my 3 year old, Collin who hasn't taken them off since they have come off the needles. They are a bit big but he doesn't care.

Blogger isn't playing nice and not letting me post anymore pics so I'll try again later. Off to cast on for another pair of socks and hopefully they won't take 3+ weeks to finish, lol.


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