Sunday, December 02, 2007

OMG, it's December!

Wow, only 23 days left till Christmas. This has been somewhat of a crappy week. Collin spent the week at home with a bad cold and Justice had to be picked up after first recess on Friday morning because he was vomiting. Yuck, lucky that only lasted a few hours after we brought him home, he had slept for the whole afternoon and evening woke up at 5 am Saturday and was totally well. Collin is back to normal too so school for those guys this week, hehe.

I only got a little bit of dyeing done and will have the 5skeins up in the morning. I did do a bit of dyeing today, a custom order of a WoW toon(so far it looks awesome) and I can't wait for the skein to dry to get the full effect. Hubby is bugging me to get a skein dyed up for his toon, hehe. I plan on spending most of tomorrow and Tuesday dyeing, minus the trips back and forth to the school for the kids. I have some ideas for Christmas themed yarn plus some more of my other colorways too. I will also be introducing my 3 ply fingering weight this week and it is oh so soft.

Well, I'll catch you up a bit more on the home life. I took the family to the craft show last Friday and ended up with a couple things, mostly fudge, lol. It was pretty disappointing, alot of the vendors I looked forward to seeing were not there :(

On Saturday was hubby's Christmas party for the kids under 11 years at Fort Whoop Up. They had Santa handing out gifts to each child and for our boys this was their first year where they actually went up to Santa instead of running away screaming and crying. Yes, it is true, not one picture/conversation, anything with Santa. I think it was because he came bearing gifts, hehe. We had a good time, even went on a wagon ride, roasted some hotdogs and marshmallows, yum.

Time to watch Desperate Housewives and knit a bit.


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