Friday, November 09, 2007

What a crazy November

So in between the little guys going to school/volunteering at the school/new etsy store/hubby I have been swamped.

My Hogwarts socks have been finished and the package is leaving here today. With the daze I've been in I totally forgot my bookmark I needed to make. All is finished, list checked twice and it will be off with a few etsy orders today. Here's a teaser of the package and bookmarks I sent off.

I've also almost finished my Knitter's Coffee Swap package, need to grab some coffee and other yummy treats and that can be shipped right away. I also have been working on my Harvest Swap package, most of the goodies have been bought except edible goodies(don't want to tempt myself, lol) and working on the sock and that should go out next week, Woot! My Hand dyed yarn swap yarn has been dyed, now onto the shopping ;)

My etsy store, Faery Fiber is going great! It is just so much fun dyeing and making up the colors as I'm going along. Hubby and the boys have been such a big influence on my colors too. Being in an all male household the boys have been wanting to see more guyish colors, so lots of blues/browns/blacks/greys and I'm loving it. Hubby is even helping with the names and I've been working on a as he puts it "Guy Theme" for the store using different metals for names. Guess what, it is working and I can't keep them in the store, hehe. I'll be listing more Chaos later today, need a few more pics as well as my Cafe Mocha. This weekend I'll dye up some more fingering weight, I'm thinking greens as well as the "Guy Themed" yarns.

Time to take the boys to school. More tomorrow.


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