Friday, September 21, 2007

Another long week and we had snow

We actually had snow on Tuesday, crap I thought the weather guy was joking the evening before when he said we'd be getting it but sure enough Tuesday morning before the kids went to school it started. Lucky I dug out the coats and stuff so I wasn't running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Good news, hubby got the job he wanted and officially started training yesterday and he works today and off the weekend and will be in full rotation come Monday. I am so happy and he's loving the 8 hour shifts after spending the last 4 years working 12 hour shifts. His new place of employment is awesome and I'm looking forward to the new happy vibes he'll have working there.

My new routine is starting to come together, I'm up at 6am and now drinking a pot of coffee in the morning just to keep me going, lol. It really has me reconsidering homeschooling especially after what happened yesterday at school. Long story short, Justice came home with yet another shirt cut on the sleeve, this time I asked him about it instead of thinking it was a rip from the park. He tells me another kid, who was supposed to be his best friend from kindergarten, cut it and a few other shirts too and was teasing him about his new clothes(well excuse me for wanting him to dress decently for school). This all happening in school with the teacher there, crap was I pissed and still am. So for me who has trust issues is wondering if I should continue on this school year, this morning I was ready to keep him home and had no desire to set foot in that school. I also talked with Collin and he's having fun and as he put it "He's friends with everyone and they think he's the King of Kindergarten", ROFL, that helped lighten the mood. This school has a zero tolerance for bullying, supposedly and was having their presentation on bullying when it happened. Hubby thinks that the teachers are handling it well and we should wait and see but me I want to go punch the mom in the nose for raising such a friggin brat.

I also received my Harvest Sock Swap Partner, woot. I finished perusing my stash and found 2 perfect yarns and hopefully make a decision this weekend as to wish one I'll be using. I finished the knitted bag I was working on for my HSKS 3 pal, sorry no pics "the boy"(Jordan) has the camera so hopefully I can get them up tomorrow. I finished one Monkey sock after having to frog the first half of it because it was huge, that's what happens when I check my gauge and do a test swatch.

I still have 2 spots left for the Pay it Forward Swap, if your interested and want the details it is a few posts down.


Blogger Bubblesknits said...

Snow? Geez! Send some of it down here! LOL

Sorry you're having school troubles. Mine had a bad day today, too, although it wasn't anyone's fault but his own. ;-) The joys of kids, huh?

5:14 p.m.  
Blogger Betty said...

Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy and balancing everything very well. Sorry to hear about the shirt cutting, I have never heard of something like that happening. The Hogswart's swap deadline is getting near and goodies will be in the mail. I need to go to the post office tomorrow and make sure I wrap the package so it can make it to Alberta.

6:24 a.m.  

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