Friday, November 23, 2007

Store Updated, Hogwarts Sock Swap package and FO's

Woot, I'm updating my etsy store with more new colorways. Thanks to my hubby who has been terrific with coming up with names, color ideas based on our love for D&D, WoW and Mythical creatures. I've also added another "Guy Themed" color, Marble, it turned out awesome if I do say so myself. There is also a couple colors based on the Harry Potter series, I've got Voldemort and Tonks. Here's a peek at the new colors.

I have a super huge Thank You to make to Kathe, a.k.a. Violet LeVeela for the best Slytherin package any Slytherin could ask or wish for. All the awesome goodies, first off check out the socks. Snake socks and an absolute perfect fit, I just love the short row heels. I also received a Slytherin bookmark, a Harry Potter 2008 calender(perfect for my little office), Sock and Glove Book- awesome, Collin is now addicted to sock monkeys and has already asked to go shopping for socks, lol. Looks like more monkeys and other animals will be done over Christmas break and if I can sneak in a few before Christmas for their stockings ;). Now, where did I leave off, oh yes, dog treats that only stuck around for one pic before the little guys whipped them away to give a treat to the girls (huge thanks from Barky and Xena), the cutest stuffed dragon which has a new home next to my computer, Godiva Chocolate pearls both dark and milk, yummy I was so in need of a chocolate fix. There was also a bottle of Gloves in a Bottle (I so needed this :)) and last but not least Clover Takumi Velvet dpns size 0 and Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn in the Lagoon colorway. Awesome, the one and only skein I had my Aunt took this summer and I never did get to replace it. Thanks so much Kathe for the Super Awesome goodies. *happy dance, woot* I will be taking the afternoon/evening off and casting on a pair of socks for myself using my new needles and Jitterbug.

On the knitting front, besides dying to cast on to my new socks I have finished my Harvest sock and will be shipping it out Monday. I need to make one quick little trip to the store for some edible treats. I won't post the pic of the sock till my pal receives it just in case she pops by my blog. One thing I can tell you is that I used Shi Bui sock yarn and wow, very nice to knit with and with the color I chose I went with a simple ribbing since the yarn had a little to much going on to have any type of cables to show up.

I'll post a little more tomorrow about the homefront stuff. Time to knit ;)


Blogger Kathe said...

Hoorah! I'm so glad it arrived okay - and am really happy you liked the socks. The gray was a little darker than normal, but that was the gray of Wildefoote. I just LOVE the snitch socks - I'm going to take great care of them to wear to the very next movie... or, hey, anytime I put one of the five present movies on to play... or just any time I feel particularly Potter-ish. Thanks again, Tammy! - Kathe

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