Monday, October 31, 2005

Yarn Porn

Wow, when I said stay tuned for more yarn porn I didn't mean an hour later.

My order from Elann arrived a half hour ago and I just ordered Thursday night. I am very impressed with the service. So here it is, 6 balls of sock yarn, Sock it to Me (Harlequin Black Stonewash, Blue Jeans and Essential Country Blue), 4 Baby Cashmere in Claret, 4 Baby Silk in Seashell Pink, Knitting Pattern a Day Calender 2006, HeartStrings Soft Cables Mobius Scarf, HeartStrings All-Over Lace Faroese Shawl and last but not least the HeartStrings Swirling Lace Anklets-Special Edition for Elann. The Baby Cashmere is earmarked for the Lace Anklets and what a gorgeous pattern.

I am so excited, the Baby Silk I will be using to make a scarf for my sister who will be here tonight and staying with us for the next 2 months while the place she works at in Jasper undergoes their renovations.

Swwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! More yarn, as if I need more. I really have to go on a yarn diet. No more yarn shopping until the New Year unless it is for my SP or a special gift for Christmas that I know I can get done. Ahhhhhh broken promises here I come, lol.

Houston, We have Socks!! and Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Yes, it is true my second pair of socks are finished. Just in the nick of time, my little guy, Collin really wanted to wear them tonight trick or treating. He's calling them his "spaceman socks" even though he is dressing up as Batman. Ya gotta love Christian Bale as Batman. Here's a pic of them hanging out in our yard with the goblins and the other being modeled by Collin.

So, is everyone ready for all the ghouls and ghost? We are all decorated and boys are itching to go door to door and check out all the other little ones in their halloween attire. I'll post some pics later of the boys in their costumes.

Yesterday I started my Fuzzy Feet yesterday, I'm almost finished the heel on the first sock. I was going to wait till the end of this week to start but I just couldn't help myself. I'm working them on DPN's why, because I didn't read the instructions saying I could work them with the circular at the beginning. Yes, not only do I not swatch I don't read instructions carefully. I jump in with both feet and don't look back. In some cases that is a good thing but others well....

My second pair of socks I did follow the pattern and I'm very proud and extremely addicted. I'm debating how many socks I can get on and off needles before Christmas. This second pair only took a week and that wasn't even working on them everyday. I do have my SSSS sock to get done this week and lucky for me it is only the one and I can send it off and wait for my sock to arrive. Shara, my partner for the SSSS is already finished my sock and mailing it tomorrow, that lady has lightening fast needles I tell you. This week I want to have one pair of Fuzzy Feet finished and wait for my Knitpicks order to arrive. I ordered 20 balls of the Wool of the Andes in assorted colors. I was supposed to go to Banff on the weekend but that plan was axed so no alpaca yarn shopping or stopping in Okotoks at their yarn store to pick up some Brown Sheep for my Fuzzy Feet. That seems to be the only store within a 200km radius that carries Brown Sheep. Well off to bake some cookies for the kids and more knitting in between batches.

Stay tuned for more yarn porn.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I've been a Bad Girl

Well hubby called last night from work and let me know he would be getting his yearly bonus today. It's a pretty darned good bonus so what do I do, grab the mastercard log into Elann(I just happened to be reading their email on current sales)and make a purchase for $100 bucks. I'm just going to call it my bonus, yeh that's it, my bonus. Sweet, more online shopping unless I wait till we go to Banff on the weekend. I just may stop by Alpaca Plus on the way down. It would save on shipping cost plus I could fondle some alpaca. I am such a bad girl. Anyone know if there's a Yarnaholics Anonymous???

Sock update: finished the heel, picked up stitches and finishing the decreases on the foot. I'm nearing the finish line.

Here's a quiz I took this evening and it is me but I haven't been getting the rest or meditation time for the past 5 years!!!

Your Birthdate: March 16

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You are relatively inflexible, and insist on your being independent.

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You are introspective and a little stubborn.

Because of this, it may not be easy for you to maintain permanent relationships, but you probably will as you are very much into home and family.

This birth day inclines to interests in the technical, the scientific, and to the religious or the unknown realm of spiritual explorations.

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Because of this, there may be some difficulty in giving or receiving affection.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Socks and Yarn, sssshhhh don't tell the hubby!

Friday I finally got my refund from the Brick after a ton of hassle sending emails and faxes and receiving no response. I received a call from the store manager here in Lethbridge, Chris, you know the one who was a jerk, well he let me know that they could do the refund immediately and all I had to do was stop by with my debit card to have the funds transferred to my account. Mmmmmm well this could have been taken care of last Saturday when we demanded our money back, it took 3 faxes and 2 emails over the course of the week to get the refund. I do believe someone got chewed out for that sale gone wrong.

Paid bills and did a little shopping at our LYS, The Needlecraft Cupboard and this is what I got. ssssshhhhh, hubby hasn't seen the bill yet or shall I say never will, evidence destroyed MWUHAAHAAAHAAAHAA.

I picked up a skein of elsebeth lavold Silky Wool #5 Lava, a gorgeous purple and sooo soft. 2 balls of Grignasco Merinogold in a Navy Blue for hubby's Xmas surprise socks and last but not least 2 skeins of Lopi Spun #8 and 1 skein of Merino Wool in the Damask Rose colorway and all 3 skeins are Handpainted by Virginia van Santen of Painted Yarns which I managed to pick up at the LYS. I already have 2 skeins of the Lopi #8 which I hope to make a felted bag in the near future, I'm seeing middle of next year, lol and a skein of the sock yarn, can't remember the # but it has some purples(see Sept. 29 post).

I think it is time to sort through my stash and see what I have or don't have. I have been shopping like a mad woman for sock yarn and I'm only on my second pair. Yes, cast on for the second pair Friday evening, got the first sock past the heel and decided to call it a night. No knitting Saturday or Sunday but finished said sock on Monday and a perfect fit for my little guy Collin, they are his "Spaceman Socks", he is so cute. Cast on the match last night and I'm finishing the heel so hopefully he will have a complete pair for Thursday.

I signed up for the second sock syndrome swap with the Townsend Socks Knitalong and an Xmas swap with the monthly dishcloths(knitalong). My partner for the SSSS is Shara and I will be exchanging with Norma for the Xmas dishcloth swap. Both yahoo groups I had found on other blogs and they are great.

Sent off another SP6 package and making up the last package. She/He has been so much fun to shop for.

Happy crafting everyone!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Is it ever going to end??? Socks are Done, Yippeeee!!!

So, lots has happened since I last posted. Where to begin....

Ok, first thing we ordered a loft package from the Brick last month, it has been on backorder and that was fine with us. We got a pretty sweet deal with the family pricing in September so no complaints from us. Now to deal with the so-called store manager and his customer service staff that is a different story. The Store Manager(he couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag if he had to) was rude to put it nicely. He called on Tuesday evening at 8:40pm to let me know the furniture was going to be in on Thursday and I had to come in and pay the balance before he would confirm delivery. The store closes at 9pm and here it is almost 15 minutes to close and hubby is working a double, me without the van and kids asleep. I told him the situation and he said it wasn't his problem and it had to be paid before close or we would be waiting for the next avaliable delivery date. I started to get PO'd and told him it shouldn't be the customers problem if he had more time management skills and he said he would do me a favor and confirm the delivery as long as I was in the next morning to pay, fine, I paid the next morning and told off the manager, Chris the guy who called the night before. The so called ladies in Customer Service licked you know what, you would think that a customer coming into the store dropping $800 in cash would be treated with more respect, NOT! The loft package didn't arrive on Thursday like promised, the dates were changed by you know who and came Saturday BROKEN, yes, broken. So, here we are paying for merchandise before it arrives at the store and in our possession being served by total dicks and running back and forth to the store to pick up something that's not there and when it is it's broken. That was the icing on the cake and hubby said no more, we want our money back which they than informed us it would take 2 weeks to cut a cheque from head office because we paid Cash, yes that is what I said Cash. Total BS from the Brick, Store Manager and Staff. I did fax a letter to the Vice President of Sales for Western Canada and to the BBB but still haven't heard anything from the Brick, it figures.

2nd thing, hubby was working on Monday, his usual double shift when a half hour before close 2 guys came in and tried to rob him. One of the guys got him in a choke hold and the other tried to open the register but no luck because it has been broken for sometime and they manually open it with a key when giving or receiving cash. They fought and the 2 guys got away with nothing and here is hubby after his trip to the hospital for 5 stitches to the brow area and the only things he was worried about was his shirt(his fav) and trying to hide what happened from me to prevent me from having any further stress.

Good News, I finally finished my socks and they turned out great except they don't fit me but they do fit my 4 year old, Justice. He has been bugging me from day one to have them so what the heck, I'm just proud that they turned out. Here they are in all their glory and being modelled by my 3 year old, Collin who hasn't taken them off since they have come off the needles. They are a bit big but he doesn't care.

Blogger isn't playing nice and not letting me post anymore pics so I'll try again later. Off to cast on for another pair of socks and hopefully they won't take 3+ weeks to finish, lol.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Finished my 2-6 inch squares and 1-12 inch square for my monthly crochet exchange and got those mailed off this morning. Going to tackle the sock this afternoon and hopefully get them done for the weekend otherwise no shopping for yarn.

Took a quiz and here are the results
You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!

Yes, the quiz is right. Instead of weird, I like to use Eccentric, sounds better don't you think?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Finished the book

Finished April Shadows a few minutes ago, probably would have finished earlier but had to get my cleaning done and was outdoors with the kids for a while this afternoon. It was a damned good book and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. I now can resume knitting those socks and I think the next pair I won't do the two together because it seems to be taking longer than it should. I will persevere and finish those babies before this week ends. If I don't I will not purchase any yarn for 1 month, mmmm maybe 1 week, we'll see.

Off to do some knitting before hubby gets home.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canuckers

Well Thanksgiving is almost over, for us we celebrated yesterday since hubby works Mondays. It was just our little family and we had the full meal deal, turkey, ham and all the trimmings. I'm thankful it is all over now I can relax and maybe do some knitting ie: finish my socks before it snows ;-)

I spent most of the day reading one of the books Aunt Margaret sent, VC Andrews' April Shadows, it is pretty damn good. I haven't had much time to do any leisurely reading in the past 4 years let alone read the newspaper from cover to cover in the mornings so surprisingly I have made it more than half way thru and I just started this morning. I did take a break here and there, playing with the little guys outside, fixing meals and watching Medium this evening etc, etc but it looks like it will be on my small list of accomplishments for the year.

So, Tuesday we went to Calgary for the parent/teacher interviews for J and it wasn't to bad. The teachers seem pretty good and the drive to Calgary was made in 2 hours and no Pit Stops!! Traffic was horrible in Calgary, major road construction and some of the drivers, well you get the idea. I am so happy I am no longer living in a major city. I had really wanted to check out a couple of the LYS' but after a couple of hours in Calgary I decided against it. We did stop in Okotoks and looked for their local LYS but no luck there. I did manage to find their local games shop and purchased a Lord of the Rings set of minis to add to the large collection building up for me to paint. I did receive my package from Fantization miniatures and wow are they sexy minis. I'm looking forward to painting those. So many craft projects so little time. Ahhhhh to be rich and not have to worry about working, bills and all that other crap we have to worry about and concentrate on the kids and craft projects. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!

Well off to do some more reading before hubby gets home.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Socks are in the final stretch

Yes, it looks like the socks will be done before Christmas, Yippeeeee!!!

I have finished the gusset on both pairs and working the last part and they do fit, except right now my toes stick out but hey I was getting worried they would be going to one of my little ones. I really wanted my first pair for myself since my husband did buy my first 2 balls of sock yarn for me 3 Christmas' ago, yes 3. It has taken this long to work up the courage to tackle socks and boy since I've started I've been buying sock yarn non stop. The worst part is that I'm going to Calgary on Tuesday and would like to check out a couple of the yarn stores there and I am so hoping I can control myself, Not. We'll see, I will keep it reasonable.

I did make 2 stitch markers today, picked up some supplies from Michael's and they turned out not to bad. I just haven't been wanting to spend $20 on a set of 4 from some of the online stores when I know if I gave it a whirl I could come up with something passable. Other than that a pretty uneventful weekend, finally.

Here's some quiz stuff

You chose brown eyes.
Brown eyed people are normally very romantic. You
love to daydream, and sometimes you get
confused with your own fantasies over reality.
You are pretty outgoing, but some days, all you
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The Eye color personality test
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All of it is true and my very important job is being a mom and wife ;-)