Monday, October 31, 2005

Houston, We have Socks!! and Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Yes, it is true my second pair of socks are finished. Just in the nick of time, my little guy, Collin really wanted to wear them tonight trick or treating. He's calling them his "spaceman socks" even though he is dressing up as Batman. Ya gotta love Christian Bale as Batman. Here's a pic of them hanging out in our yard with the goblins and the other being modeled by Collin.

So, is everyone ready for all the ghouls and ghost? We are all decorated and boys are itching to go door to door and check out all the other little ones in their halloween attire. I'll post some pics later of the boys in their costumes.

Yesterday I started my Fuzzy Feet yesterday, I'm almost finished the heel on the first sock. I was going to wait till the end of this week to start but I just couldn't help myself. I'm working them on DPN's why, because I didn't read the instructions saying I could work them with the circular at the beginning. Yes, not only do I not swatch I don't read instructions carefully. I jump in with both feet and don't look back. In some cases that is a good thing but others well....

My second pair of socks I did follow the pattern and I'm very proud and extremely addicted. I'm debating how many socks I can get on and off needles before Christmas. This second pair only took a week and that wasn't even working on them everyday. I do have my SSSS sock to get done this week and lucky for me it is only the one and I can send it off and wait for my sock to arrive. Shara, my partner for the SSSS is already finished my sock and mailing it tomorrow, that lady has lightening fast needles I tell you. This week I want to have one pair of Fuzzy Feet finished and wait for my Knitpicks order to arrive. I ordered 20 balls of the Wool of the Andes in assorted colors. I was supposed to go to Banff on the weekend but that plan was axed so no alpaca yarn shopping or stopping in Okotoks at their yarn store to pick up some Brown Sheep for my Fuzzy Feet. That seems to be the only store within a 200km radius that carries Brown Sheep. Well off to bake some cookies for the kids and more knitting in between batches.

Stay tuned for more yarn porn.


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