Friday, October 10, 2008

Wow, where did the time go...

First off, let me announce the winners to my 3rd Blogiversary contest:

You ladies sure did have me laughing my ass off and I so enjoy a good perverted joke, lol.

1st Place is Miss Beca

2nd Place is Sockknitter54

3rd Place goes to Yarn4kalei

Send me an email (elfiebaby at gmail dot com) with your addy's and I'll ship out your goodies.

Now, let me see...I've been posting regularly on my other blog "Cassandra's House of Yarn" for the HSKS 6 swap I'm participating in. What a blast I'm having in that swap. I won the 1st round of Dueling in the Sock Bracket. The 2nd round starts today and I'll be dueling against one of my own least a Slytherin will be going into round 3. I've also finished a bit more than half of the bag I'm knitting for my pal, it's larger than the ones I've made in previous rounds and colorwork too, hehe.

I am also participating in Robyn's Single Sock Swap which is awesome, only 1 sock to knit and no second sock syndrome. I've been in contact with my pal plus the lady who's knitting for me and the yarn is bought, pattern picked and cast on. I'm hoping to have the sock knit up in the next week or two. Since dueling is this weekend everything else will be put to the side till I'm finished with that project.


Blogger Shelley said...

Congrats on winning the first round of the dueling! Hope you do as well in the next one!

I was going to join Robyn's single sock swap too, however, I didn't know if I'd have time to knit since I'm back in school. This time around I'm frinally taking my B.Ed. to be a teacher. We have TONS of presentations and lesson plans to do so it's probably a good thing I didn't join...I'd hate to join and wind up not being able to get the sock done. I figured better safe than sorry.

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