Monday, December 12, 2005

Quick update

I have FO's, wahoooo!!! I finished my crochet exchange squares on Friday and mailed them. I even included a bonus square in each package of a granny square with a crocheted Christmas tree on it to celebrate the holidays. I also made one for my Aunt Margaret who is just the coolest lady. I haven't met her in person but have talked to her on the phone alot, at least twice a week for more than 1/2 hour per call. She was my inspiration to get started on socks and even went as far as to send me a starter stash of sock yarn and as many older pattern books for socks that she could lay her hands on. I'm very grateful to her for everything that she has done for us.

Besides my crochet squares I knitted a few dishclothes which I'm sending to my Aunt along with a scarf. Since our Aunt Margaret has been so generous to our family this Christmas with all the handknit sweaters she made she got behind on her knitting for the other family members. She normally sends Rob's Aunt Shannon a scarf and a pair of socks for Christmas, well this year she doesn't have time to get the scarf done so I'm going to surprise her by sending this scarf I whipped up to send to Shannon. I used Lionbrand Woolease on 9mm needles, started this baby around 2pm today and finished at 9:30pm and it's 4 feet long. I tell you those needles were flying, now only if I could knit a pair of socks that quick ;-). Here's a pick, I knitted it using the basketweave stitch(first time) and turned out very well.

I also started another pair of socks for Justice for Christmas. I'm knitting the heel but put it down this afternoon to get the scarf done. I'll get the one sock done tomorrow and cast on for its mate tomorrow evening(cross your fingers). Here's a pic of the progress. I'm using Paton's Kroy yarn and 3mm needles, Justice picked the color. We do love our variegated socks in this house. I really love this colorway and will have to find myself a couple balls, hubby also wants a pair too.

Well that's all for now, bedtime.

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