Sunday, December 04, 2005

Long time no post (I have Mail!!)

Look what I picked up yesterday, a package from my SP6. The box is handpainted in a blue/green and hint of yellow, perfect colors because we have snow here and it is a tad cold. This is what was inside the box. Beautifully wrapped green presents tied with raffia, doesn't it make you think of spring. Inside these packages are(drum roll please) a vanilla scented bag which now has a home in my sock yarn container, candle gift tags, handmade by my pal, one is on its way to my inlaws and another to our Aunt Margaret who is a hardcore knitter, a purple flower soap (love the scent), a handmade flower keychain(had to fight my little guys for it but it did end up on my keys), a knitting needle gauge(perfect because I most of my dpns have no packages). I also received a scrap book which matches my address book I bought this summer(how did you know? I think I will use it to keep track of my knitting/crochet projects since I do take pics of the Fo's and don't forget my quilting projects too), an X's and O's game which barely got it's pic taken, my little guys were hovering over me like buzzards wanting to play, two containers, one with green sequins and the other green beads(I am seeing more stitch markers in my future), a set of quilting pins which was perfect timing because in the background of these pics are one of the rag quilts I am working on and they went to work right after I snapped my pics and finished fondling the yarn. Last but not least 10 gorgeous balls of Soft' Hair a mohair/wool/acrylic blend in a gorgeous green. The pics don't do it justice, it is sooo soft and I have never worked with mohair before and this would make a nice sweater. Right after Christmas I will start hunting for the perfect sweater pattern for my yarn. I would love to thank my Secret Pal for making my first SP experience memorable, Thank you sooo much for the wonderful gifts and I hope your SP was as good to you as you were to me. I'm looking forward to the reveal. PS. the batting is now under my little guys Christmas tree they made.

Now onto the FO's, I finished Collin's socks on Tuesday, here's a pic.

I was sneaky and tried them on him when he was sleeping. Finished one of my rag quilts pics to follow and got most of my squares ready to put together. I have a total of 4 rag quilts to make this week and lucky for me it was only two days, not full days either of cutting. They are twin sized(good size lap quilts) for Rob's Mom, Dad, Aunt Margaret and Uncle Dave. I want to finish these before next weekend so I can finish my knitting projects, still have to finish my scarf for hubby, socks for Jordan and Justice and mitts and possibly a scarf or socks for my sister. Cross your knitting needles and hope I can get done in time.

Back to quilting.


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