Thursday, November 24, 2005

Another Quiz, FO and the start of a few more

Finished my SP6 gift last night, ends are all tucked in and just have to wrap everything tonight and off to the post office in the morning. Yaaahoooo, another FO. Only took me a couple days to do this project, sorry I can't say what just in case. I'm so excited, I hope she likes everything. I did try to pack some of her favorite things she had mentioned on her blog.

I received my SSSS sock the other day and it looks good, Shara did an awesome job and love the colors. Purple is one of my Fav colors and this is my first pair of handknit socks that aren't white or cream in color. I'll cast on this weekend for my sock so I should be wearing the pair for Christmas(I hope, I do have a month before the big day, lol) Here's a pic of the sock hanging out with some of my sock yarn. It is done in 8ply Cleckheaton on 4mm needles, which reminds me I have to go pick up a set this weekend. I'll try to stick to my yarn diet but no promises ;-)

Started hubby's gift last weekend and stopped to do my SP's gift. It's a scarf and since I haven't made him one since are first year together I think it's about time. The first one was made with acrylic, yes I did say acrylic. Don't worry that is in the past and his new scarf is being made with 100% Merino Wool-Mission Falls. Here it is on its 2nd ball. It is a dark cream, sorry the picture doesn't do it justice.

Also, fresh on the needles are a pair of socks for my 3 year old. He asked for another pair of "Spaceman Socks" and picked the color out of my stash. I'm using Paton's Kroy on 3mm needles using the Child's Basic Pattern. Not a bad start for only an hours work, I'm happy with the progress. Maybe just maybe I'll turn the heel tonight.

Here's another quiz:
Pegasus Banner
You're a pegasus. You're very calm and loving.
Something about you makes others want to get
close to you, whether or not you feel the same
way about them. You don't bond to others
easily, but when you do it's long-lasting. Your
alignment is *good*, but not so much that you
can't have fun.

What mythical beast are you?
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