Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thank You's and quick update

I have a couple of pals to thank for the wonderful packages I received.

First off, a belated Thank You to Angela for the wonderful and delicious Knitter's Coffee Swap 3 package I received. Take a look at all the goodies she sent. First off, Coffee from Longbottoms in Oregon(this is so good) and some delicious cookies(sorry, those didn't make the pic but they are so yummy, hehe). Also included is an "Oregon" travel mug(already put to good use since mine had cracked a while back), lavendar soap, tissues, sachet and mints. For some fiber love, I received Artyarns Supermerino in a gorgeous pink/green colorway and 2 handknit dishcloths, one with a cup of coffee and the other a maple leaf. Thanks so much Angela for being such a great pal.

I would also like to flash a package I received a couple days before Christmas which really made my week. From my Sock it to me Twice Pal, she sent a stocking filled with goodies. Stuffed inside were 2 balls of Hempathy in a pretty pink, lots of chocolate, stickies in my initial, a package of snowflakes for the bath and gorgeous purple stitchmarkers(not pictured but are in use on a pair of socks). Thanks so much pal for my Christmas goodies, you Rock!

Quick update, I was going to post yesterday(Dec. 23) but couldn't find the camera cord.

Justice has come down with a cold/flu, not sure which. He's got a high fever and bones achy and to boot on Christmas Eve. Hubby and I have a huge pile of presents to wrap, yes I wait till Christmas Eve to do my wrapping, lol. Hubby hates it but it has been a tradition since I had Jordan and it was something my parents did as well.

Time to get Santa's cookies ready with his can of ice cold coke so the boys' hit the sack. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

From the sick bed

Well, I spent all of last week bedridden. First time that has happened in many years, I'm the kinda gal that just sucks it up and keeps on going especially at Christmas time.

This week I had no choice but to get out of bed and get shit done. All the presents for the kids were bought a few weeks back but I still needed groceries, more wrap/tags and to go back to the Doctor and see the Dentist. Well Dr's appointment was cancelled because I forgot a field trip that was scheduled. This week and had to go to the dentist because I chipped a tooth and with the luck I've been running with lately it got infected, Yuck. I suffered all weekend in major pain and got in on today before I had to pick the kids up for lunch and because of the infection I can't get anything done to it so I'm on antibiotics and pain killers. Thank you Tylenol 3 with codeine for making the week more bearable.

All I can sum the past 2.5 weeks up as is "F*ck, F*ck, F*ck". I am so behind on everything, my Christmas(fruitcake) hasn't been made and will be put off till after Christmas unfortunately. I love fruitcake, yummy.

I also haven't received my yarn for dyeing which was shipped over 2 weeks ago so I am really pissed. I was planning a huge boxing day sale with over 60 skeins of yarn up for sale but that won't be happening. F*ck you Canada Post for your crappy holiday service *shakes fist*. To boot the yarn has been shipped by Xpresspost and is sitting who knows were. So, alternate plan is if I get the yarn by Christmas eve I will be dyeing on Boxing day to the 28th to get it all done and having a New Years Day special, fingers crossed.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mail Call

Check out all the mail that came today, I didn't include the couple of catalogues I received. Crap I think my mail man was stashing my stuff, all week long I've been getting the annoying junk mail and the occasional bill. Today he had to come to the door because he couldn't fit everything in the mailbox, lol. Serves him right.

I received a great package from Penny, my Hand-dyed yarn swap pal. First off, some very pretty hand dyed yarn using some of my favorite colors, purple/red/blues. She did a marvelous job. Penny also included some Swedish Berries(my fav), lotion for my dry hands(much appreciated), a pretty little box with a purple beaded bracelet inside and a kaleidoscope(not shown, Collin has it and is having a blast), lol. Thanks so much Penny, I look forward to making a new pair of tweedy socks in the new year!

I also received one of my etsy purchases, some very cute bags from Stuck in Illinois. No pics because I had to hide one of the bags from Collin (Christmas gift) and another is for my Sock it To Me Twice pal.

*Whew* now I can't wait for my other etsy purchases to arrive :). Time to get back to making the chili. With all the snow we have and are having I need something to warm me up.

PS. big update in the store this weekend plus the introduction of my new 3ply.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

OMG, it's December!

Wow, only 23 days left till Christmas. This has been somewhat of a crappy week. Collin spent the week at home with a bad cold and Justice had to be picked up after first recess on Friday morning because he was vomiting. Yuck, lucky that only lasted a few hours after we brought him home, he had slept for the whole afternoon and evening woke up at 5 am Saturday and was totally well. Collin is back to normal too so school for those guys this week, hehe.

I only got a little bit of dyeing done and will have the 5skeins up in the morning. I did do a bit of dyeing today, a custom order of a WoW toon(so far it looks awesome) and I can't wait for the skein to dry to get the full effect. Hubby is bugging me to get a skein dyed up for his toon, hehe. I plan on spending most of tomorrow and Tuesday dyeing, minus the trips back and forth to the school for the kids. I have some ideas for Christmas themed yarn plus some more of my other colorways too. I will also be introducing my 3 ply fingering weight this week and it is oh so soft.

Well, I'll catch you up a bit more on the home life. I took the family to the craft show last Friday and ended up with a couple things, mostly fudge, lol. It was pretty disappointing, alot of the vendors I looked forward to seeing were not there :(

On Saturday was hubby's Christmas party for the kids under 11 years at Fort Whoop Up. They had Santa handing out gifts to each child and for our boys this was their first year where they actually went up to Santa instead of running away screaming and crying. Yes, it is true, not one picture/conversation, anything with Santa. I think it was because he came bearing gifts, hehe. We had a good time, even went on a wagon ride, roasted some hotdogs and marshmallows, yum.

Time to watch Desperate Housewives and knit a bit.