Thursday, August 31, 2006

SP's revealed

Woot! Last day for SP8 and received my package from Kellie. The envelope was a bit beat up but the gorgeous Hand dyed Merino Wool with nylon firestar in Lavender Bright(I love purples) from Brooklyn Handspun was in perfect condition. Woot!!! It is amazingly soft and I can't wait to get it on the spinning wheel. Thanks so much Kellie, it has been a blast and your packages were awesome!

My spoilee for SP8 has received her package today, go say "Hi" to Michelle, I have had an awesome time spoiling her the last 3.5 months and doing my best to keep my identity a secret. Almost screwed up a few times when I was leaving anonymous posts on her blog or signing my name to emails, lol. Michelle was in my group of participants for SP7 and I have had such a great time exchanging emails/comments on the blog with her the last 6+ months I thought it would be a blast spoiling her. I am so happy she had a great time.

As for the lady I'm an angel for, her package is still sitting in customs as of 6pm this evening. I have no clue what's up but they are starting to bug me, they've had it for the last 5 days!

Have fun!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We have a FO in the house

Here it is, my Lorna's laces sportweight socks knit cuff down on dpns(I really suck at toe up, lol). The turned out really well and I used 52 stitches on a 3mm dpns with a round heel. I'm going to be stocking up on this sportweight for sure!

I joined Sockret Pal that is being hostessed by Dani(one of my participants in SP7) and Rachel. Can't wait, go sign up, they are only accepting 100 people!

I also joined Chrissy's(my SP7 spoiler) SAM2, missed last time and even finished my LL's socks in time for the first entry, Woot.

In SP8 news, my reveal package is still enroute to my pal-sorry customs no yarn in that package, lol but happy to hear it has arrived at the post office in her city. As for the lady I am an Angel for, her package is still listed as sitting in customs, what's up with that. Well lucky we can get free tracking here when we send out parcels so I'll be keeping my eyes on these ones. Now, for my spoiler, she gave me a few hints, so I checked out Shelby's list and for the life of me couldn't figure out who it was. She's signed her emails Kellie, so of course I check for a Kellie in the blog name and I know she's overseas too. I eliminated "Yolanda Gypsy Knits" assuming a gal named Yolanda has the blog, Not! For the past week and a half I've been reading and rereading blogs trying to find my pal and it was right under my nose. So Kellie, I found you!(and still no mail, hopefully this afternoon)

Here's a pic of my boys outside yesterday enjoying the cooler weather. Next week Justice starts Kindergarten, Woot! He's looking forward to it too, Collin on the other hand doesn't want his brother to leave. Hopefully things will go smoothly, just have to wait and see.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Happy Belated 1 year Blogaversary!!

Woot! Yes it has been 1 year, well on the 15th it was one year ago I had started this blog so I could join SP6.

To celebrate this wonderful occasion I will be hosting a little contest. There will be no skill testing questions or guessing involved, just say "Hi" in the comments and on Aug. 31 I'll have my little guys do the draw. Now, your probably wondering what is up for grabs right? The winner of the draw will be getting their own sock kit, yes a sock kit! It will include a handcrafted drawstring bag(sewn by moi, similar to the KSKS bag I made), sock yarn(Opal), dpns, pattern, chibi needles and what every else I come across, lol. And for those of you who are not in Canada or the US, I will ship Internationally!

Now onto more giving, I am putting the finishing touches on my SP8 pals package, have to pick up some wrap and a card today and off it goes, destination unkown. I am also an "Angel" this round and have to stop in at the fabric store and pic up some wonderful goodies to send to her, or was it a he, I'm not going to tell!

And here's a little something for my wonderful hostess Shelby for SP8, she had asked for some pics of Wip's and it was another thing I didn't get done last week but here they are:

2 sets of the socks are my patterns I am currently working on, I also have my first sport weight socks using Lorna's Laces and my completed lace scarf, my pattern. There you have it, lots of knitting on the go and no Christmas projects completed as of yet, lol. My little guys have been asking for socks so I'll have to get on those puppies asap.

Well, better get going, the boys will be home shortly and I have a potluck dish to start for hubby's best friends birthday party/bbq.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

KSKSswap partner revealed and WIP's

My pal Marisol, whom I was spoiling for the KSKS swap received her package and is enjoying the goodies. I had a great time with this swap, no knitting required, I had sewn up my bag. Check out her blog and you'll see she puts my sock yarn stash to shame, lol.

I also have many WIP's, picked up the needles on the chenille blanket again, who knows it just may get done before the end of the year. I also have 3 sets of socks on the needles, 2 are my own patterns and one my very first toe up on dpns using Lorna's Laces sport. As for other projects, I've got a bunch of crocheted granny squares in the works for my yahoo swaps. Will try to post pics later, blogger is not cooperating.

So, who has started their Christmas knitting yet? Me, I haven't made a list as of yet but may be making some scarves for the ladies and possibly have that pair of socks made for hubby by then. As for the kids, I'm thinking a hat and scarf set.

On the SP8 front, I've almost got my pals package together, just waiting for one more thing to come in the mail and off she goes. I can't wait for the big reveal, only a few more weeks to go!

Time to head to the park with the kiddies. Happy knitting