Friday, February 15, 2008

The usual belated update

Where do I begin...hmmm..I got my first wholesale order out last week to Robyn over at Robyn's Nest. The yarn is so pretty, I saved a skein for myself plus the socks I already have knit up in the pattern I designed for her sock club this month as well. I am very excited, sorry no hints on the colorway or pattern. The pattern will be released in 3 months and will be for sale at that time on my etsy site.

I am now getting my butt into gear and will be sending some yarn out plus another pattern to my test knitters to get going. My order of yarn, about 20lbs worth should be here next week, woot. I can't wait to get back into the dye pot again, there's some new colorways i'm dyeing to try out, hehe.

On the swap front I'm still trying to decide which pattern will work well for my Hogwarts Sock Swap3 partner. I'm using one of my custom dyed Gryffindor colors, The Boy Who Lived for my pal. I'll cast on this weekend and get that baby going, don't want to fall behind. My sock kit for my HSKS4 pal is almost complete. I am super excited about that one, I've got the stitchmarkers, custom dyed yarn done by moi, the bag(almost complete) and some super goodies that are making their way here by muggle mail. I found some nifty Harry Potter stuff so I'm looking forward to mailing those off to my pals.

Time to go get some more laundry done, ugghh and finish one of the many hats i have to make for my little guy's stuffed monkeys, rofl.